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Avery Carr

Avery Carr

Angela Acly-Carr

Angela Acly Carr


Acly-Stover Funeral Home has been a family-owned business for over 100 years in the Southern Tier.

Prior to becoming a family business, the residence of 325-327 East Second Street was owned and occupied by William T. Smith and his family. On November 4, 1918, Samuel John Stover Sr. purchased the residence from the Smith family. He then opened the house as a funeral home business known as Stover Funeral Home. He also established and operated an ambulance service with a transportation charge of $2.00.

In 1935, S. John Stover Jr. received his undertaker’s license and joined his father in the family business. On July 26, 1946, S. John Sr. and Jr. became partners in the funeral business. Together, father and son operated both businesses until the ambulance service was sold in 1953 and the death of S. John Sr. in 1963. 

On June 23, 1972 Tropical Storm Agnes destroyed Corning. The funeral home was devastated from the flood. The Stover family was committed to rebuilding their lives and business.

S. John Jr. and his wife Doris, continued serving the community in the funeral business until March of 1985 when he sold his business to his long time associate, Avery W. Acly. In 1986 extensive renovations were made to the funeral home, which doubled it’s size and gave families a more home-like atmosphere.

In October of 1990, Angela joined her father, Avery, and together operated Stover Funeral Home. In 1994, a parking lot was added and the house next door was attached to the existing funeral home for additional room, making it the largest funeral home on the Southside. The “Acly” name was later added to the Funeral Home carrying on three generations of a locally owned and family operated business.